Service description

WM Arbitration service is an active service that conducts dispute settlements between WebMoney Transfer System users.

Dispute settlement in Arbitration Service provides:

  • protection of rights and interests of the System users and the System itself;
  • swift and cost-efficient dispute settlement procedure;
  • preservation of partnership relations between parties despite diverging opinions.

Main functions of WM Arbitration Service:

  • Registration, examination and decision making of claims from WebMoney Transfer System users. This category refers to any System user, who is involved in improper and illegal activities or immoral conduct on the internet using WM-elements (fraud, spamming, intellectual property rights violation and so on).
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  • Registration, examination and decision making of claims, received from System users affected by actions of other System users who committed any kind of conflictual WM-transfers between users. This category refers to claims of payments rejection, payment obligation rejection (rejection to provide product or service), fund transfer objection (in cases of unit theft from a purse) and so on.
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  • Registration of contracts - digital documents created by WebMoney Transfer System users that is published at WM Arbitration Service web-site. Contracts determine rights and obligations of trading parties who use WebMoney Transfer System technology, for example: services and products supplier and consumer, creditor and debtor and so on. WebMoney Transfer System Arbitration service will consider contract texts during dispute settlement between trading parties.
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